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Ziggy Attias -

Châtelain | Director

Fine Art Magazine

Feature cover story in Fine Art Magazine of Ziggy Attias in conjunction with One Man Show at The Catholic Museum of Art and History in New York. Show was extended from original dates.

Ziggy Attias has made his success as an artist, entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker, and father of three daughters. His days are now spent in the French countryside, dedicated to the residency program of Chateau d’Orquevaux. Ziggy took on this project in the hopes of creating a community and home for artists of all mediums, backgrounds, and stages in their journey. The residency has grown remarkably over the years and is now proudly hosting artists from over 32 countries worldwide. 

The Father, Unblinking (Trailer)

Directed by: Ziggy Attias

Written by: Brian Evenson

Short Film | 90 Seconds | 2006

82 Film Festivals | 11 Best of Awards

Veronica Belcheva 

Artistic Director

Veronika Belcheva is our Artistic Director. She helps manage communications with artists before they arrive and structures their overall experience while they are attending the residency. She is also an illustration artist. 


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Elinor Shapiro 

Associate Residency Director

Elinor  works on site full time to make sure the artists have what they need in the studio or out. She is a mixed media artist from Los Angeles.

Marie Gingembre



Remy Gingembre 

Facilities Manager

Remy and Marie are invaluable assets to the function of this residency;  they are an integral part of the Chateau d’Orquevaux family. 

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