About Us

Ziggy Attias -
Châtelain | Founder | Director


Ziggy Attias has made his success as an artist, entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker, and father of three daughters. His days are now spent in the French countryside, dedicated to the residency program of Chateau d’Orquevaux. Ziggy took on this project in the hopes of creating a community and home for artists of all mediums, backgrounds, and stages in their journey. The residency has grown remarkably over the years and has now proudly hosted artists from all over the world. The residency has received applications from over 85 countries. 

The Father, Unblinking (Trailer)

Directed by: Ziggy Attias

Written by: Brian Evenson

Short Film | 90 Seconds | 2006

82 Film Festivals | 11 Best of Awards

Beulah van Rensburg

Artistic Director | Collection Curator

Erin Wheary.JPG

Erin Wheary
Associate Director

I am an interdisciplinary artist.

My work derives from the application of an ordered system onto a material. Applying parameters to nature is an attempt to control the uncontrollable. This concept sets a framework for my studio practice and provides a method for creating, resulting in forms. A simple, repeated modular element, with or without subtle variation, is my building block. My process is circular, building sculptures, taking them apart, and re-building. How many times can I do this? How many unique sculptures can I create? What will I learn? Through this practice, the process is materialized, and the goal of fusing material, process, and content is realized.

I am interested in documenting problem-solving and creation. Intuition guides the design of my work. Videos and photos are evidence of the life of the piece. This documentation highlights my learning through the process of creating: the struggle and the reward.


Asia Stewart
Application consultations | Artist Bio and CV assistance


Asia Stewart is a Brooklyn-based performance artist, writing instructor, and application consultant.

Stewart is certainly no stranger to the demanding process of completing grant and art residency applications and now uses the strategies she has learned in her own career to help other artists improve their writing and editing skills. Stewart first formally began working as a writing instructor while studying at Harvard University and the University of Cambridge and now has over five years of tutoring experience. She finds it particularly rewarding to help artists and creatives develop ways to express themselves clearly through their biographies and artist statements. Her students have successfully received a number of fellowships and gained admission to MA programs at universities that include UC Berkeley, Columbia University, New York University, and the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College. 


Stewart offers virtual one-on-one classes to help artists refine their bios, artist statements, and application materials through her website Excel with Asia. She uses a sliding-scale payment system and encourages students to pay a rate that seems reasonable to them based on income and personal circumstances. The minimum rates for 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute classes are $30USD, $40USD, and $50USD, respectively. For more information about booking classes through Excel with Asia, please visit the website or email Asia Stewart directly at excelwithasia@gmail.com. For those interested in following Stewart's artistic work, please visit her website www.asiastewart.com.

In her artistic work, Asia attempts to transform the language specific to studies of race, gender, sexuality, and diaspora into materials that can be felt and worn on the body. As a National YoungArts Winner in Musical Theatre and a former National Arts Policy Roundtable Fellow with Americans for the Arts, Stewart uses her past experiences on stage to inject her work with a heightened sense of theatricality. Her pieces have been showcased in multiple NYC venues including the Mercury Store, Untitled Space, NARS Foundation, A.I.R. Gallery, and Kellen Gallery, and one work was recently acquired by North Carolina's Mint Museum.

Marie Gingembre



Remy Gingembre 

Facilities Manager

Remy and Marie are invaluable assets to the function of this residency;  they are an integral part of the Chateau d’Orquevaux family.