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Mission Statement

"...You spent so much time explaining yourself, your work, to others - what it meant, what you were trying to accomplish, why you were trying to accomplish it, why you had chosen the colors and subject matter and materials and application and technique that you had - that it was a relief to simply be with another person to whom you didn't have to explain anything..."
- Hanya Yanagihara, A little life | page 34

Our mission is to create an international environment where all artists are welcome. A safe place to explore, contemplate and share ideas. A place without judgement, where all artists are free of explaining themselves. We aim to empower the creative spirit in its many forms, which in the process, has created a vibrant artistic community. 


The Chateau d'Orquevaux Artist Residency emphasizes the human experience and the creative process. The residency creates an environment for the artist in their quest for personal growth and artistic expression--while reinforcing that the end product is not necessarily the principal focus.


We believe life is a creative journey and consider every moment a part of the process.


New experiences stimulate creativity and revitalize the creative mind.  For this reason our residency is self-motivated. The artist must immerse themselves in the French country lifestyle. 


The things you thought you knew back home will begin to look different.


​This magnificent estate in the French countryside of Champagne-Ardenne is a unique environment, offering artists a place with limited distraction, plenty of food and an abundance of natural inspiration. 

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