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Ziggy Attias
Co-Founder | Director


Chateau d'Orquevaux has been the property of The Attias family since 2002. Ziggy Attias, Châtelain since 2016 has made his success as an Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur, Award-Winning filmmaker, and father of three daughters. His days are now spent in the French countryside along with Beulah van Rensburg who together are dedicated to the residency program of Chateau d’Orquevaux. As Co-Director, Ziggy took on this project in the hopes of creating a community and home for artists of all mediums, backgrounds, and stages in their journey. The International residency has grown remarkably over the years and has now proudly hosted artists from all over the world. The residency has received applications from over 125 countries. 

The Father, Unblinking (Trailer)

Directed by: Ziggy Attias

Written by: Brian Evenson

Short Film | 90 Seconds | 2006

82 Film Festivals | 11 Best of Awards

Beulah van Rensburg
Co-Founder | Artist residency Director


Beulah van Rensburg, Co-Founder is The Residency Director at Chateau d'Orquevaux. Beulah is a practicing artist herself and as Director she uses her vast experience working with artists for over 20 years to conduct studio visits with the artists at the residency which includes discussing career, direction and to offer critiques. Prior to joining The Chateau team, Beulah is the founder of Van Rensburg Galleries in Hong Kong and Australia. In 2012 Beulah opened a Gallery in Hong Kong and while representing 35 International artists she started exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fair worldwide all the while curating collectors on an international level. Following the success of the art fairs Van Rensburg Galleries established a regular Popup gallery in New York City followed by a gallery in Australia. Since 2021 Van Rensburg Galleries continues to operate under new ownership. In 2022 Beulah was invited to join the curatorial board at Artfinder the leading online art platform. As a board member Beulah curates shows on the platform and finds appropriate artists to be represented. 


Marie Gingembre

Chef  2017 - present


Remy Gingembre 

Regisseur  2017 - present

Remy and Marie are invaluable assets to the function of this residency;  they are an integral part of the Chateau d’Orquevaux family. 

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